The light of hopes, joy & promise- Poster Launch

It is the fifth edition of our series of calendars. It’s a beautiful journey so far wherein we have always got inspired by real-life stories of humans and communicated our love for nature, mountains, humanity as well as stood for respect for women through our calendars. This year we bring new hopes, desires, and aspirations devised with every sunset and every sunrise.

From the first ray to the last ray of the sun all the lives share a relationship with light. With sunrise, many hopes begin, but not end with sunset. The last light of the day is the last ray of the sun, it’s the time of sunset. There is something more about sunset than just the ending of the day. When we see a sunset, it’s not only the sunset but also the promise of sunrise with new hope and a new beginning.

There are days when you ain’t happy and then there days when you are elated and contended. Whatever happens to you, remember there is always the last light or say the last ray that concludes it all. It gives you a hope that the next day is going to be better than this one.

Even if it is the last ray of sunset, it does not decrease its reflection over the sky but rather brighten it. Sunsets are special as it is not only giving rise to new hopes but also are a symbol of paradise because of its beauty. It is quoted by many photographers that roughly an hour after the sunrise and an hour before the sunset are described as the “golden hours” as that’s the time when the day has the best lighting. The light in the sky is much lower, softer, diffusing and more flattering than the midday sunlight, which produces less contrast and also reduces the chances of losing parts of the subject in strong shadow or blown-out highlights. These “golden hours” are best suited for outdoor photography and especially for landscapes, city scenes, portraits and certain still subjects such as cars.

By the time of sunset, it leaves an excitement and joy among many lives about the next day. The last ray is the welcoming rays that welcome the beautiful night full of stars and moon so as to not leave the world with just darkness.

“Sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful” – Beau Taplin


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