So this was a real crazy moment because when I was clicking this picture, she was clicking me. This happened for the first time. In that very minute, a photographer was clicking another photographer. Luciana, a girl with a million colours, that is how I remember her. It’s interesting how her love for traveling and ideologies makes you do the same. All of us have that traveler inside us who is dying to explore the world or to discover the unknown. But her desire to travel alone as a woman made her take some wrong turns. In order to continue traveling she somehow had to manage her rough life doing some short term jobs here and there. It was her passion to continue as a backpacker for the rest of her life, she told me something so amazing that those words engraved in my head. She said; ‘the idea is to be everywhere because I don’t want to belong to a single place when I die, this is the dream.’ She traveled sixteen countries, worked with almost thousand travelers and expeditions. After spending three days with her, I learnt a lot from her. The one thing I carried along after saying our goodbyes was something very incredible, a sorted life is an easy one to opt but a complicated life is the one that teaches you. She is what she ever wanted to be, it’s more than anything for her. Her journey continued but her story gave me a different perspective towards life. Not everything is easy and not everything is right but the real struggle is to understand this and live for what you love the most.

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