I met a girl last year in the valleys of Himachal Pradesh, even though i met her once before this but the second time was different. I consider myself worthy enough for being that person with whom she considered sharing her pain with. What shook her life was something so unexpected and horrible that it makes you furious. This beautiful girl who fell in love with a guy so much that her world meant his happiness. This relationship was so pure to her that she believed everything he said, she did whatever he wished, just to brighten up his day. Who knew he would only bring darkness and suffering. Everytime she trusted him, he made sure he destroyed her psychologically, mentally, physically and emotionally. A girl as innocent and forgiving as her melted, after he apologised for his brutal act of taking their private pictures without her permission. The only mistake she made was to trust him for the second time. A cold and heartless person like him shouldn’t have been given another chance to redeem. Sadly he did the same to her but this time it was even worse. He tortured her with more pictures, abused her, hit her and kept stepping on her heart until it shattered. She was deeply hurt, i could feel the bruises on her soul. As scary as it was, something in her spirit gathered all the courage to fight it. She left the city for sometime to find her inner peace. She also had the audacity to tell the guy that none of this matters to her and he can go ahead and do whatever he wants to. She would neither take her own life nor will she ruin her future because of his actions and what he did to her. Faith has a tendency to test us especially when we surrender and in that very moment if the warrior in us stands up to fight, that is when courage is born.

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