If you look at this picture closely, your heart will feel nothing but sympathy for this man. I saw him on the old streets of Bhubaneswar and the day I took this photograph, I felt heartbroken inside. Poverty breaks you in a lot of ways but if it fails to hit your ethics or self-respect than you are the richest man alive. His tattered clothes and messed up look brought tears in my eyes. At first, I was annoyed thinking how; “the rich grow richer and the poor grow poorer.” I wanted to help this man in whatever way I could, so I walked towards him and offered him a little money that I had in my wallet. However, it was shocking to watch him walk away from the money. He didn’t come back and I sat there wondering; not every homeless person is a beggar. Anyone at my place would have tried to help him but I think he preferred earning his own loaf of bread rather than begging. One thing I have learned so far; even if you feel to speak out loud and call for change, nothing will ever change. Although if you truly wish to do something from your own end, better start from your own street side. An individual effort, no matter how small it seems, has the power to make a difference.

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