After all the stories that I shared, this story is my very first attempt to help the street side people in winters. Winters are  the toughest time, as the cold air becomes unbearable. Though  it effects people who have shelter, think about those who barely have clothes on their body. I always wanted to have such a campaign as a marketer, to offer a helping hand to the needy. Perhaps it brought the real sense of achievement. So for the first time we launched ‘Winter Clothing Drive’ in 2014. To be honest I never really thought it’ll make such an impact but my eyes were glittering with sheer joy when I saw what it did to people. This picture always lights up my face. The sight of this kid, wearing a thin t-shirt in a chilly weather of mount , Abu was quite disturbing at first. I had the chills on my skin, by just looking at him. I ran towards him and wrapped him in a blue kashmiri wool. His unexplainable smile was one of a kind. At that very moment I understood one thing, finding happiness in someone else is extremely blissful. The way he looked at me was enough to make me realise the depth of being touched.

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