Some pictures are simply close to you as they refresh that very memory which brings a smile every now and then. This portrait is my first ever clicked picture, his name is Chandrakant. We keep looking for stillness or tranquility, the one that brings content in our life. This boy found his share of misfortune and when he was born. He lost his ability to hear and speak when he was born and ever since then he felt nothing but silence in his life. He reminds me of my childhood days when I was in my own world listening to no one and speaking about nothing. Just watching, living my own world, doing my own things. Chandrakant is a special child, his actions and his eyes are his words. He is sensible even when he conveys a message. His eyes make me see through his soul and all I could feel was content. He had no complaints. I think I would never understand how heavenly his world is, where no sound of violence touches him and no chaos to disturb his quiet air.

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