I read somewhere “Patriotism is not mere passive love for the country. A true patriot, who loves India, is an active worker.” For the first time I witnessed real patriotism while crossing this beautiful place on the way to Tosh, called Barshani. I met an old man in his mid sixties and too old to walk at this age. To my surprise this person had so much energy and zeal that my eyes froze. This old man was waving at me with a smile and a salute. I suddenly realised it was January 26th, Republic day. This gave me a proud feeling, considering how old he was, his bones didn’t stop him. To witness such an honest patriotic energy and vigour is a rare sight. He was saluting everyone that day, spreading patriotism in the air. He was paying tribute to the soldiers of our nation and the sacrifices made by them. He said “I am just another man who is standing proudly because of the soldiers of my nation. They have worked hard and sacrificed more than I ever will. This salute is to them.” This is not a story, but a real man who lives real patriotism. The blood in his veins loves to express his love for the nation.

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