Tosh, the word conjures up the images of the magnificent mountains, scenic beauty, cool breeze, friendly people ravishing food and an amazing experience!

It is so close to the nature at KASOL – the heaven on Earth. An old world feeling overwhelmed as we reach Kasol. It has recently transformed into a base for trekkers to Sar Pass, Yanker Pass, Pin Parbati Pass and Khiriganga. Foreigners were attracted to the scenic valley, untouched hills, low population, and great climate. This is not a place if you want something regular – but to be visited for a unique experience of how Israel-iness is growing.

Yes! Kasol- Mini Israel of India. One could drive further from Kasol into the Parvati Valley to Tosh, indeed the last village connected which can be reached either via a drive to Bershaini or a 1 hour trek from Kasol to Tosh. Private taxis from Bershaini to Tosh can easily be availed @ 200 INR.

One should choose to trek and trailed through the thick pine forests. If there was ever a pretty valley walk through an expanse of meadows in the Kullu region, it is the Tosh, a feeder valley. The Valley is narrow but as you climb higher the vista broadens, taking you to Sharam Thatch which is 2/3rd up the valley. The snout of the Tosh Glacier is surrounded by peaks Papsura and White Sail.

Soon you will feel blood rushing down the veins and realized Tosh was more vibrant than imagined. Distinct smell of Marijuana is the first impression. Soon the scenery completely changes: the mountains are sharper, taller and conifers dot them thoroughly. It was so peaceful and such a picturesque delight. While browsing for an accommodation, here when you come across to couple of Israelis and become excited about the stay. It is full of budget accommodation (300 INR per night), so finding one is just not tiresome.

The Israeli crowd is in abundance making it a hippie town but then that’s the beauty of Tosh. Every day you wake up breathless, look around, and you feel swept away by the amazing view. Mountains, their beautiful paraphernalia were a solitary abode, giving time for contemplation, meeting new people, hearing newer travel stories. The air is pleasantly cool and continuously flowing, shaking and sweetly cajoling the marijuana plants ubiquitous.

A variety of food is served – from Italian to Israeli to, obviously, Indian. German bakeries, Cafes boasting of best Israeli food was all that you see. What you will cherish to devour, after smoking some leaves, are the stuffed Paranthas — delightfully crispy, with butter to go alongside.

You will surely feel that unlike the big cities, people usually had a relatively decent life. Everyone had shelter, food and water. It is a very simple life dedicated to work. While we complain to carry a hi-tech backpack, here we see them carrying a 3x greater volume with ropes, waving at us with a smile. Living around them is one of the richest experiences one would ever have; even with less access to the facilities they’re always genuinely happy.

The night skies here high up in the mountainous regions are some of the clearest in the world with zillions of stars adorning the darkness. Sitting outside braving the spine chilling cold late night one is taken into a different world of constellations and sparkling stars that talk to you in their own magical language. Tosh is a tranquil and captivating getaway to satiate your hunger for the mountains. Tosh always calls you back, one trip is never enough!

Tosh is ideal for meditation, peace and calm.

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