In Hinduism, a sadhu is a holy man who is solely dedicated to achieving moksha through meditation. I met this holy person last year and his one question knocked my head. ‘Where do sadhus come from?’ He asked, to which I was completely blank, I didn’t know what to answer. After a few seconds he looked at me and replied ‘sadhus come from you, from within you.’ Suddenly those words made so much sense that everything around me paused for a minute and I began contemplating. His words intrigued me so much that I sat with him with all the patience just to hear everything about him, maybe I was curious to be a part of his knowledge. He told me he never saw his parents, he was adopted by his aunt and uncle. Lived a basic life. He never really desired luxury nor worked hard for it. All his life he worked as a labourer, preferred being alone, but never knew why. He had no family, nothing to cling to. After a certain age he just left everything and began his extraordinary journey towards liberation. He lost his right hand in an accident but never felt the suffering. He said ‘it’s hard to manage with a left hand suddenly but i think life is always hard on you.’ He wore this saffron attire everyday and attended ‘kumbh mela’ every year. While i was traveling back I wondered how being a saadhu changes your soul.

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